Edible Garden MM task

We have a edible garden in our school yard. We want to expand our garden this year. Last year, our garden was 6 feet by 9  feet. This year we want to expand our garden. We also want to plant a lot of cucumber plants, pepper plants and tomato plants? How much room do they need to grow and how many can we plant so that they have the proper spacing to grow to their potential?


What do you wonder about?

What do you know or notice?

What information do you need?

What assumptions can you make?

What math will you use to solve the problem?







Living Lesson Plan_Edible Garden



Mathematical Pathway 1 Maximizing the area for a garden plot

A. You have 36 feet of Chicken Wire to fence your garden so the rabbit won’t eat all your veggies. What is the maximum size for your garden?
B. We wants to double the length and width of our garden. How big will our garden be?
Mathematical Pathway 2

Garden area

This task challenges a student to use understanding of area and count squares to find the area of shapes on a grid
Mathematical Pathway 3

Draw to Scale-  Math assessment Project

Mathematical Pathway 4

Plants need Space to grow

Based on the data about space plants need to grow, design a garden plot of 12 by 12 feet
Opportunity to create a legend for the plants
Use coordinate grids to locate different plants (ordered pairs)
Transformation (redesigning the plots) to make room for a path
Mathematical Pathway 5

Budget your project

Keep track of your expense and minimize waste of supplies

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